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[Sticky] Bomb mode guide for the newbies

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Bomb is a round and team mode - You spawn only once at the each round start. There are 2 teams: RED - terrorists and BLUE - antiterrorists. In the half of the map roles are swapped. The main goal for the Reds is to plant a bomb on one of 2  bombsites. On the other hand Blues got to prevent that or defuse bomb if it got planted.


There are 2 bombsites ( places where Reds can plant a bomb) RED and BLACK  marked on the map and minimap ( don't see it? press M) by blinking signs. Maps in bomb mode have got usually the same size as in CTF, spawns and some details may differ.

Bomsites marks on the custom maps may look different, as on the examples below:


Bomb is a small object. At the beginning of each round 1 randomly picked red player spawns with the bomb.

Bomb can be carried only by RED team players! Blue team can only defuse the bomb, if it gets planted.

What red players can do with bomb:

  1. plant it on the bombsite
  2. drop bomb - when get killed or intentionaly to give it to the mate (pick bomb and use your weapon drop key /bind key "ut_weapdrop")
  3. pick a dropped bomb by stepping on it
  4. do damage with bomb by so called bootkick

Bomb icons are visible for the bomber (player who has got bomb) on the weapons list and in the mid/down part of the view.

Bomb model on the map (dropped or not) is visible for all players. But on minimap only for reds!

Dropped bomb is marked on the minimap by yellow pulsating dot.

When bomb is carried, the arrow marker of the bomber on minimap pulsates and changes colors. Also there is BOMB written next to bomber name when you press TAB.

EDIT: Bomber has got also yellow armbands, what is visible for both teams.

Planting a bomb

To plant a bomb, bomber got to select it (use mousewheel or press default key 6 or /bind key "ut_weaptoggle bomb") and press MOUSE 1 (attack key) on the any part of the bombsite. You may bind bomb toggle and flag drop in CTF to 1 key, like /bind key "ut_itemdrop flag;ut_weaptoggle bomb". Planting bomb takes a few seconds - 3 seconds on Sexy Urban bomb server. Bomb can be planted only before the round time end (70 seconds on SexyUrban server). Bomber while planting can be moved by teammate to the safer position by bootkicking (bombsites are often placed in very open areas). To plant bomb in safe place, bomber can do a POWERSLIDE (SPEED) plant by pressing mouse 1 key while sliding over the bombsite and continue slide until stop. Watch the movie (4.1 version) how to do that:

When the bomb gets planted, there is a message displayed for all players: Bomb got planted by.... and blue team have some time (35 seconds on UrbanSexy server) to defuse it.

Defusing a bomb

Planted bomb model is always visible for all in the middle of bombsite, no matter if it was planted by powerslide. Only blue team can defuse the bomb. To defuse bomb player got to step on it and keep pressing use key (CTRL key is default one - the same you open the door or /bind key "+button7) for few seconds ( 5 seconds on UrbanSexy server, so have to start defusing at least 5 seconds before the explode time). While defusing player  can move, crouch and jump ( JUMP only in the center of bombsite!) in random combinations on the bombsite marker to make himself harder to hit by terrorists. Defuser must be careful not to step outside of the marker, cause then defuse counter resets. This method is called DANCE defuse, and is very efficient especialy against red snipers. Example on the movie:

The opposite method of defusing is so called NINJA defuse. Defuser got to sneaky get to the bombsite area and silently defuse bomb. Useful when reds have got much more players left, so many of them look for the outnumbered blues all over the map and don't guard the planted bomb.

If blue team fails to defuse before the explode time (and some blues are alive) bomb explodes hurting and/or killing left players from both teams.

EDIT: Planted bomb makes a sound with increasing intensity, when it starts to ring as old telephone, it means that it's too late to defuse it and all you can do is to run away 🙂

For these last few seconds before explosion there is also countdown displayed as bigtext.

Victory conditions

RED team wins a round under one of these conditions:

  • all blues got killed before the roundtime end
  • all players died but the bomb didn't get defused
  • bomb exploded no matter the survivors

BLUE team wins a round under one of these conditions:

  • all reds got killed before the roundtime
  • bomb got defused no matter the survivors
  • reds failed to plant a bomb before the round time end and at least 1 blue player is alive (this player should hide when he controls the dropped bomb and is sure that it's too late to plant it)

DRAW in the round is possible when bomb isn't planted, roundtime isn't over and last 2 players from both teams died exactly in the same time.

Players of both teams get also individual points for frags, extra points for killing bomber and defuser,  and for covering them, planting or defusing a bomb . Bomber who planted the bomb gets frags while bomb explodes for blues killed by the explosion, even when he was already dead.


Communication in each team is very important. Bomber should inform teamates on which bombsite plans to plant a bomb. Blues should inform each other about location of dropped bomb or planted bomb on certain bombsite. Commonly used shortcuts in the chat:

obj - go for the objective (plant or defuse the bomb)

blk- bombsite black

red- bombsite red

def- defuse or defend

time- round time is about to end

Bomb radio commands are under u8:


Everybody are welcome to the SexyUrban Bada Boom bomb server! 😀






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Congrats to your nice guide ! 🍻 

I also have a video of a great ninja defuse for your guide :




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