Summary of ranks available:

  • New Player: 0
  • Registred: 1
  • VIP/Trusted: 10
  • Moderator: 20
  • Senior Moderator: 39
  • New Admin: 40
  • Regular Admin: 59
  • Full Admin: 60
  • Full Admin +: 70
  • Senior Admin: 80
  • SuperAdmin: 100

Main developper: OMG
Language used: Python

Delay between commands: 3.5 seconds

About !pb or !permban

This command does not exist under OMGBot, there is a unique command for bans (!ban).
If you want to permanently ban a player you have to put a very long duration (20y for ex).

Example of use: !ban <PlayerName> <duration> <reason>

1h (one hour)
1d (one day)
1m (one month)
1y (one year).

The ip and the authkey will be banned from the server.


Please if report if you find any problem.

Players commands


Displays the commands available at your level or a specific level.

Usage: !help <level number> OR Nothing


Displays connected players with their IDs


Get a player's ID

Usage: !id <Player Name>

!slapme (level 1)

Slap Yourself

Moderator commands (Level 20)

Senior Moderator commands (Level 39)

New Admin (Level 40)

Regular Admin (Level 59)

Full Admin (Level 60)

Full Admin + (Level 70)

Senior Admin (Level 80)